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The helicopter crew consists of: pilot, doctor and rescuer.


Twin engine helicopters AGUSTA A109K2 flying for HEMS AIR - TRANSPORT EUROPE, Ltd. were developed by Italian producer in cooperation with Swiss helicopter emergency service REGA for rescue purposes.
AGUSTA A109K2 is designed especially for flying in mountain areas and is suitable for high mountain regions. A special digital map and GPS system help the crew in better orientation in difficult terrains. The equipment includes Night Vision Goggles for night flights.

Rescue Helicopters are equipped with the hoist of 204 kg lifting capacity and 50 meters long rope, which enable the doctor to reach the patient located in inaccessible spot. If needed, the crew can use the winch of 500 kg lifting capacity for transportation of persons.

The cabin in rescue modification enables to transport one lying patient and three members of medical escort along with necessary medical equipment. Small dimensions of helicopter in combination with high performance enable the helicopter to land on restricted areas with obstacles.

AGUSTA A109 K2 helicopters enable the crew to provide complex intensive and resuscitation care in difficult conditions and inaccessible terrains.

Bell 429

Since 2013 ATE fleet continuously grew by new Bell 429 helicopters manufactured by Bell Helicopter Textron. Bell 429 is a twin- engine helicopter with four blade main rotor and skid landing gear, certified for Category A. The helicopter meets all the requirements for providing medical service flights. Combined with the large cabin, the medical interior allows for full body patient access. The ability to carry two patients with both medical attendants at the head creates a more efficient medical environment. The helicopter is equiped with the 88 metres long rescue hoist and the cargo capacity up to 249 kg. The helicopter crew use the maximum hoist cable lenght usually to evacuate the patient from the difficult terrain in the High Tatras and Slovak paradise.