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Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS)

Helicopter Emergency Medical Service in Slovakia is operated by AIR-TRANSPORT EUROPE, Ltd (ATE) in seven operational centers on the basis of license issued by the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic. Air rescue service provided since 1991.

HEMS is a part of integrated rescue system: a calling person by dialing the unified emergency number 112 can reach the coordination centre, which immediately undertakes necessary measures and applicable rescue services to provide first aid. HEMS is called in all cases requiring inevitable fast doctor action and safe patient transport. The patient can also call directly the HEMS Central Dispatch number 18 155. ATE helicopters are often used for inter-hospital transports of patients and transports for transplantation programs. AIR- TRANSPORT EUROPE, Ltd has signed agreements with all Health Insurance providers based on the territory of the Slovak Republic. For citizens insured with these providers, payments for Helicopter Rescue Service are fully covered by their statutory health insurance.

The main advantage of HEMS is definitely its fastness and accessibility. These factors play an important role in efficient rescue of human life, they eliminate patients´ suffering and also the risk of further serious health complications. ATE rescue crews usually help in mountain areas, forest terrains, and remote locations, at car accidents, floods or mass disasters.

HEMS is currently on duty for
24 hours a day – 7 days a week – 365 days a year.

After accepting an emergency call the ATE crew is ready to take off in few minutes but its activity depends on weather conditions. Within V4 countries, ATE is the first HEMS provider that has applied the Night Vision Goggles for night missions.

ATE rescue helicopters and ambulance aircraft provide patient transports not only within Slovakia, but also to specialized medical centers abroad or from abroad to our medical institutions.