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Company history

The company AIR - TRANSPORT EUROPE, Ltd. was established by physical entities in 1991 with primary objective to perform helicopter emergency medical service (EMS) in the Poprad region, namely in the High Tara Mountains. In the same year the company started to pursue activities in the field of special aerial Works (logging, liming, construction and assembly works and aerial Works in agriculture).

  • 2017On 1. January 2017, following the tender of Ministry of Health in Czech repulic, began AIR – TRANSPORT EUROPE providing the rescue flights at the HEMS base Olomouc.

  • 2017In 2017 ATE has built a new modern building for HEMS crew in Žilina and has reconstructed the current heliport there.
  • 2016Bell 429 helicopter crashed on 7/9/2016 late evening during a rescue mission near the village of Strelniky. Unfortunately all three crew members and 38 year old patient died during the accident. Pilot Ing. Ján Rušin, medical doctor Patrícia Krajňáková and paramedic František Bartoš were the crew members.
  • 2016In December three new Bell 429 helicopters were added to the fleet, these helicopters will be deployed to helicopter emergency services in Slovakia gradually.
  • 2015To satisfy the demand for international business flights, the company has enlarged its fleet by second business jet Cessna Citation 550 Bravo. In 2015 operates ATE two business jets Citation Bravo OM-ATN and OM-ATS for both medical and business flights. The aircraft Cessna Citation 560 Encore sold the company to US customer.
  • 2015The helicopter accident Agusta A109K2 OM-ATB on 17.7.2015 hit the whole company. There were four people onboard: pilot Ľubomír Majerčák, doctor Marek Rigda, operator Martin Svitana and mountain rescuer Dušan Leskovjanský. The reason was helicopter contact with electric line above the valley.
  • 2014Approved Training Organisation, Flight and Maintanance School for Agusta, Eurocopter and Bell helicopter.
  • 2013ATE was successfull in tenders for permission to operate all seven HEMS bases in Slovakia, the permission is valid for 6 years.
  • 2013New ATE fleet member Bell 429
  • 2012The new premises for HEMS base Krištof 01 in Bratislava were opened in the Airport M.R. Štefánika area.
  • 2011The company AIR-TRANSPORT EUROPE, Helicopter Emergency Medical Service operator, became the regular member of ICAR-CISA in Åre, Sweden, at the Congress of International Commission for Air Rescue. By this step the Slovak air rescuers have joined 63 rescue organizations from 33 countries all over the world that are already the members of this professional association.
  • 2011Otvorenie nového hangáru a sídla stanice VZZS Košice - Krištof 04 v areáli Univerzitnej nemocnice L.Pasteura v Košiciach.
  • April 2011 - The company AIR-TRANSPORT EUROPE celebrated 20th anniversary of its establishment.
  • 2010The ninth rescue helicopter Agusta A109K2 (OM – ATL) has arrived to the seat of the company.
  • 2010ATE has upgraded its fleet by up-to-date jet aircraft Cessna Citation 560 Encore, which will be used for medical purposes for transportation of patients, as well as for passenger transportation.
  • 2009In order to improve the quality of provided services ATE has expanded its fleet by another rescue helicopters Agusta A109K2 (OM–ATJ, OM-ATK).
  • 2009On the basis of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic License for Operation of Helicopter Emergency Medical Service bases ATE took over the operation at HEMS at Žilina (located in the area of Teaching Hospital with Policlinic) on November 9, 2009.
  • ATE opened another HEMS base at the airport at Trenčín on December 10, 2009.
  • 2008The first night technical rescue mission using the hoist in high-mountain terrain in the history of Slovak aviation implemented.
  • 2008VZZS ATE začala intenzívnu spoluprácu s členmi Tatranskej horskej služby - dobrovoľného zboru (THS DZ).
  • 2008Podpis kontraktu na kúpu dvoch dvojmotorových vrtuľníkov typu „Grand light“ s opciou na ďalšie dva vrtuľníky počas leteckej show vo Farnborough vo Veľkej Británii.
  • 2008The Agreement on Cooperation in Rescue with Tatrzańske Ochotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe (TOPR) was signed.
  • 2007The first night emergency mission in high-mountain terrain performed using night vision googles in the Western Tatra Mountains.
  • 2007The new rescue system Rollgliss is being introduced. The new rescue technique is taken over by Helicopter Emergency Medical Service ATE from the Swiss rescue organization REGA that is successfully applying this technique in the Alps.
  • 2007Opening of a new HEMS base and hangar in the area of Roosevelt Hospital with Policlinic at Banská Bystrica.
  • 2006Opening of a new HEMS base at Nitra.
  • 2006Training of ATE pilots for flying with special technology for night vision under supervision of Swiss HEMS REGA instructor was implemented. Within the V4 countries AIR- TRANSPORT EUROPE is the first one to use the Night Vision Goggles for emergency missions.
  • 2005The list of superior-quality Helicopter Emergency Medical Service bases was completed with the base at Banská Bystrica. The fourth A109 K2 helicopter of the company AIR - TRANSPORT EUROPE was stationed there.
  • 2005For the needs of HEMS the company purchased a special ambulance van RTW Mercedes Benz Sprinter 903.6 with navigation video-system, positioning bed and complete medical equipment for emergency medical service.
  • 2004In the presence of governmental agents ATE officially introduced to operation three specialized helicopters of Italian made Agusta A109 K2 intended for Helicopter Emergency Medical Service bases at Poprad, Košice and Bratislava.
  • 2003The company started to use giant aircraft of Ukrainian made An-124 ”Ruslan“ for transportation of over-sized cargo.
  • 2003AIR - TRANSPORT EUROPE purchased highly specialized helicopter of Italian made A109K2, specially constructed for the Helicopter Emergency Medical Service. The real technical top helicopter thus becomes the standard technical equipment of HEMS.
  • 1997In 1997 the company updated the fleet by world top French helicopter AS 355N Ecureuil and PLZ Kania helicopter.
  • 1997New bases of HEMS at Bratislava and Banska Bystrica were opened.
  • 1996Rental and operation of 164-seat aircraft Tu-154B for flights for travel agencies from Bratislava.
  • 1996The company purchased the aircraft L-410 UVP-E1 for long-distance transportation of patients.
  • 1995Purchase of 76-seat aircraft Tu-134A, transportation of travel agencies clients, first of all from the Poprad and Košice airports.
  • 1993ATE expanded its helicopter fleet by French helicopters AS355 F1 Ecureuil.
  • 1992The company started to operate charter transportation of persons and cargo by rented aircraft of Russian made: An-24, An-26, An-30, YAK-42, Tu-134A a Tu-154M.
  • 1992Opening of a new Helicopter Emergency Medical Service at Košice.
  • 1991The first EMS helicopter in the company – French SA 316B Alouette III – was introduced to operation on the base of Helicopter Emergency Medical Service at Poprad.
  • 1991ATE introduced to operation Polish helicopters Mi-2 and also helicopters Mi-8T and Mi-8P for special aerial works.
  • 1991Rental of Mi-17 helicopter and the largest cargo Mi-26T helicopter for transportation of over-sized cargo.